Sergiy Gerasymchuk



Sergiy has been involved in political studies since 2001 and has experience working for the Secretariat of the Parliament of Ukraine, scientific research institutions under the President of Ukraine and under the Security and Defense Council of Ukraine. Besides, he was involved in projects implemented by national and international think tanks in Ukraine and in the area of the Eastern Partnership.

As an expert, Sergiy cooperated with the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (HSFK), the International Center for Defense and Security (Tallinn, Estonia), the International Center for Democratic Transformation in Budapest (Hungary), an international research company GfK Ukraine, and also conducted the research “Think tanks as the instrument for creative state-building” at Uppsala University (Sweden) and “The role of think tanks in shaping national security policy” at Lublin University (Poland).

Sergiy is a Board member at the Strategic and Security Studies Group and Deputy Chairman at the Foreign Policy Council “Ukrainian Prism”. Areas of professional interest: political studies and political process in Ukraine, the activities of think tanks and the civil society, regional security and frozen conflicts, transborder cooperation. Sergiy graduated from the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy as an MA in Political Science, and is a graduate of the Estonian School of Diplomacy.