About Think Tanks Development and Research Initiative “think twice UA”

The mission of   Think Tanks Development and Research Initiative “think twice UA”  is to encourage analytical centers (centers that study public policy) to improve the quality of their work and participate in the decision-making process, and  to promote their products that aim to develop critical and strategic thinking in citizens.

  • Through monitoring, we inform all interested stakeholders about the think tanks’ events and employment opportunities.
  • Through sharing and promoting the materials of the think tanks, we encourage to use good-quality materials and research that could encourage critical and strategic thinking.
  • Through interviews with the leaders of think tanks and the people who are relevant to the think tank community, we support and promote think tankers, their work, and emphasize their contribution to the development of the country.
  • Through special projects, we research Ukrainian think tanks, their capabilities, products and media and social media presence.