About Think Tanks Development and Research Initiative “think twice UA”

Think Tanks Development and Research Initiative “think twice UA”

Why the work of think tanks is important

The representatives of the analytical community are defenders of the intellectual front, who daily work on the agenda and formulate visions of the future, help the government, parliament and the public; who are creators, advocates, drivers of important change, and do important work in transforming the country.

Our activity

Monitoring – we talk about the activities of think tanks and employment opportunities.

Distribution – we distribute think tanks products, translate unique materials about the features of think tanks.

Promotion – we encourage consuming quality useful material that promotes critical and strategic thinking.

Research – we research the landscape of Ukrainian non-governmental, state, university think tanks; explore the information power of Ukrainian think tanks.

Platform – we offer think tanks to place their materials on our site.

Interviews with think tanks

The initiative was the first in the country to popularize the think tank. During the period of our activity we conducted more than 20 interviews, including with the leaders of think tanks, the authorities of the country – Yaroslav Hrytsak and Myroslav Marynovych, representatives of the expert environment abroad. Through interviews with think tank leaders and people who are/were related to the analytics community, we promote them, their work, and their contribution to the country reforming.

International cooperation

In 2017, the Initiative as a partner joined the Platform for Analytics and Intercultural Communication with other leading institutions – Institut für Europäische Politik (Berlin), the International Renaissance Foundation, and Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation, with the support of the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany. In 2019 think twice UA joined the German Ukrainian Researchers Network project, where it is responsible for communication support and site development.

People in the organization

Olga Lvova, the author of the idea and founder of the Think twice UA Initiative, launched the Facebook page of the organization in May 2015. The co-founders of the NGO were the first volunteers of the organization Oksana Tarapatova and Sophia Beisiuk, who contributed to the creation of the site and further development of the organization. Leading experts in think tanks field, our advisers, were involved in advising the organization: Yevhen Shulha, Serhii Herasymchuk, Leandro Echt. In 2019, communications manager Yuliia Kabanets joined the organization.

The slogan: think twice, follow think tanks

We are convinced that the professional activity of think tanks will contribute to the qualitative progress of Ukraine, and the interest of citizens in the work of research institutions will increase the analytical bar of the country. So think twice and follow think tanks with us.