Information capacity of Ukrainian think tanks 2017

The project was concentrated on the information capacity of Ukrainian think tanks in 2017.

The aims of the study:

  • Investigate the information capacity of think tanks;
  • Show alternative ways to measure the impact of think tanks;
  • Provide access to the data to all organizations mentioned in the study for further analysis in improving communication performance, use in reports, project proposals, etc.

We took the methodology of the American “Center for World Development” as a basis, our final figure consists of three parts:

  • mentions in the media;
  • references in scientific articles;
  • website traffic.

The author of the study is Yevhen Shulha, Adviser of the think twice UA Initiative, Development Director of Case Ukraine. Project partner – Center for Content Analysis.

Our last year’s volunteer project, this year was supported by six think tanks, to which we are very grateful. These are the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting, the National Institute for Strategic Studies, the Ukrainian Institute for the Future, the Center for Economic Strategy, the Center of Policy and Legal Reform, and VoxUkraine.