The response to the current situation in the world: think twice UA launches a new direction – COVID-19: Research.

Many think tanks focus their efforts on studying the appearance and qualities of the virus, as well as its impact on economic, political, social, and cultural processes in particular countries and in the world in general.

From the first days, we carefully monitor the situation and activity of both Ukrainian and foreign think tanks in this direction. In response to the unprecedented situation in the world, we are launching a new direction – COVID-19: Research. We monitor research, analytics, statistics on COVID-19 in leading think tanks and select the most relevant materials for our readers.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, think tanks not only did not get confused and quickly reformatted events, presentations, discussions in online activities but also began to make a significant contribution to the study of the corona crisis world,” said Olga Lvova, head of think twice UA. – It is important to study these developments as much as possible and to monitor them at least; that is the minimum our organization has started to do. ”

Materials are published in section COVID-19: Research.