Sofiia Beisiuk took a course Creating effective data visualizations

This summer, several people from different parts of the world, including our assistant Sofiia Beisiuk, at the same time have become one step closer and more professional in the field of analytics. From the 1 to the 29 of June a short-term course Creating effective data visualizations was conducted as part of the On Think Tanks School. The moderators were On Think Tanks Coordinator Leandro Echt, Director of On Think Tanks Vanessa Weirauch. The lecturer – digital communications and data visualization specialist Jeff Kenezovich. The course consisted of three online lectures about the importance of data visualization and practical skills how to do it. The listeners worked in such programs as Excel and with its Vlookup function, Google Sheets and Tableau. Lectures could actively discuss problems in chat and ask questions during them. In the end of the course participants had to do a final task to obtain a certificate. We are thankfull to On Think Tanks and Leandro Echt for the opportunity and encourage to take part in other courses at On Think Tanks School