GURN is launching a podcast #UkraineMEMO!

GURN is happy to discuss important topics on new platforms.
At #UkraineMEMO, Ljudmyla Melnyk & Marie-Thérèse Schreiber discuss political, social and economic trends in Ukraine with the guests from Ukraine and Germany.
The first episode of the podcast is already available!
Here we talk about the think tanks in Ukraine and Germany with our guests Dr. Katrin Böttger (Institut für Europäische Politik), Serhii Shapovalov (Democratic Initiatives Foundation) and Yuriy Yakymenko (Разумков Центр):
  • How can think tanks be distinguished from other types of NGOs?
  • What does the relationship between think tanks and politics look like?
  • How do think tanks influence policy making?
  • What challenges do think tanks face in producing and communicating their research findings?
Listen (in German) and subscribe now! You can find #UkraineMEMO on:
It will be available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts & more soon.